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"TAKE A DEEP BREATH" Poetry by Igor Goldkind and music by Fr​é​d​é​ric Iriarte & Igor Boyko [UNIC6]

by UNIC6 [Electroacoustic Universal Art Music]

Igor Goldkind
Igor Goldkind
Igor Goldkind
Igor Goldkind
Igor Goldkind
Igor Goldkind
Igor Goldkind
Igor Goldkind
Igor Goldkind


Album & Art videos release "TAKE A DEEP BREATH" from the poetry book by Igor Goldkind.
Music by Frédéric Iriarte and Igor Boyko.
For the occasion of the National (US) & International Beat Poetry Foundation, Inc Festival.

Featuring artists among others.

' Igor Goldkind [San Diego/USA] Poetry
' Frédéric Iriarte [France/Sweden] Composer
' Igor Boyko [Russia/Sweden] Bass

"Take a Deep Breath" Promo
The Cure for Pandemania is Here! : "TAKE A DEEP BREATH"
An Album of Original Contemporary Poetry and Music
– Making Sense When Nothing Else Does –

Launching September 5th at The 2020 International Beat Poetry Festival (Normally in Boston, now virtually everywhere!)
The Festival Will be streaming 3 original music videos from the album for the first time.

Original Words, Music, Video and Antidotes for Living With Uncertainty

Internationally renown fine artist and producer/composer Frédéric Iriarte, American Poet Igor Goldkind and Russian/Swedish very talented bass player Igor Boyko have collaborated on 8 original tracks of musical interpretations based on Igor Goldkind’s forthcoming collection of poetry Take a Deep Breath.
The album of 8 tracks is being launched as a complete work at this year’s International Beat Poetry Festival and will be released for download at midnight this coming Saturday, September 5th.

1 The Numbers Game (Poetry) 3´11´´ IRSC SE-5YH-20-11001
2 For All Of Us (Poetry) 4´15´´ IRSC SE-5YH-20-11002
3 The Tree Of Life (Poetry) 1´44´´ IRSC SE-5YH-20-11003
4 I Can't Breath Anymore(Poetry) 4´14´´ IRSC SE-5YH-20-11004
5 Your Life Is On Hold (Poetry) 3´10´´ IRSC SE-5YH-20-11005
6 The Truth of Freedom (Poetry) 9´47´´ IRSC SE-5YH-20-11006
7 All Assholes Should Be Tested(Monologue) 3´34´´ IRSC SE-5YH-20-11007
8 The Wheels Of Hate (Poetry) 2´58´´ IRSC SE-5YH-20-11008
9. Rummi´s Mirror (Poetry) 4´35´´ IRSC SE-5YH-20-11009

The multimedia work was written and produced during the pandemic in Stockholm, San Diego and Moscow. It is intended as an artistic attempt to help us live with uncertainty and survive catastrophe living.

“TAKE A DEEP BREATH is most important piece of Spoken Word Art to come along at just the right time: right when we all needed it the most!” – Henry Rollins Take a Deep Breath and step out of your comfort zone. Just don’t look down.

2020 has been a year of both social, economic and psychological upheaval. Humans have been required to adapt to drastically changing circumstances without forewarning and without certainty as to the outcomes.
We are being challenged as a species to adapt. Adaptation is our genus but it is also painful and exhausting. Take a Deep Breath is an instruction: pause for a moment of reflection.
Take a break from panic and get a clear view of where we are as individuals, as a people and as a species. Covid-19 has literally attacked our humanity however in doing so has done us the service of reminding us of our shared humanity, our common mutual vulnerability. These are hard lessons to learn and uncomfortable changes to be made for us to survive. Take a Deep Breath is a pause in the gloom and a chance to regain our strength and resilience to all carry on.Take a Deep Breath is a step backwards in time when poetry and music were used and appreciated as tools for contemplation, meditation and reflection on the most crucial factor in our lives.

Now that we are being confronted and overwhelmed with multiple catastrophes, is the time to return to using poetry and art for what it is designed for:
Reflection, Meditation, Contemplation, Self-Healing and Recovery We will survive.


* Igor Goldkind US Poet from San Diego.
Author, Poet, Speculative Realist

E-BOOK "VIRAL MONOLOGUES" Poetry by Igor Goldkind

His previously acclaimed work Is She Available? is available at the esoterica shop on Etsy.
On WordPress

* Frédéric Iriarte is a painter, sculptor, visual artist, designer, musician, composer, filmmaker, publisher of art & design books, researcher & developer (R&D) in the field of monumental public sculptures and urban spaces with holistic approach and methodologies.

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UNIC6 [Electroacoustic Universal Art Music]






released September 5, 2020

UNIC6 is an International, Experimental, Improvisation, Multidisciplinary, Collaborative project.
Produced at the Electronic Music Studio JÄRNA (Stockholm/Sweden) and in collaboration with IRREALIST ART, FILM & MUSIC EDITIONS

Registrated at the Royal Library of Sweden in Stockholm & Gramophone archive IFPI
MUSIC IRSC SE-5YH-20-11001 / SE-5YH-20-11008
FILM IRSC SE-5YH-20-11009/ SE-5YH-20-11010

All Words and Strokes of Genius © Igor Goldkind 2020
Viral Monologues © Igor Goldkind & UNIC6 2020

N.B.! Photos, images, texts and proposals cannot be used, copied, reproduced or distributed without the written permission of the authors and Irrealist Art Editions.
© Music, films, public works, photographs, illustrations, designs, are protected by law. Copyright and registered organizations STIM. IFPI, SACEM, SABAM, OHIM, BUS, ADAGP, ARS, COPYSWEDE and others worldwide. Send a request to Irrealist Art Editions.


all rights reserved



UNIC6 [Electroacoustic Universal Art Music] Järna, Sweden

The idea of the concept of UNIC 6 is inviting artists, musicians, composers, improvising on the rythm of Universal Experimental Art Music, freestyle without limitation.

Founded in 2011 following various constellations, artists have to date a collection of several albums and art videos produced and edited by Irrealist Art Film & Music Editions.
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